Friday, November 21, 2008

Netbooks are Teh Ghey

According to my buddy Macanthony netbooks are teh ghey.  I've been helping him find a laptop deal.  He's all about the Linux so I sent him a link to a small, cheap, Linux based netbook.  And this is the thanks I get:

Mac: no netbooks
Mac: netbooks are teh ghey
Zooks: lol
Zooks: but they are so cute n small n cheap
Mac: they are like half the size, but they aren't half the cost
Zooks: valid complaint but in many case half the size costs twice as much
Mac: and disk space is like 1/10th the size
Zooks: yeah that's the sucky part
Zooks: but in this case isn't it solid state?
Zooks: so uber fast
Mac: and I don't think I could watch porn on an 8" screen
Mac: solid state disks are less reliable
Zooks: hahahaha
Zooks: pron on 8" screen
Zooks: hahahahahaah
Zooks: why is that so damn funny?

He never fails to make me laugh.

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