Sunday, August 18, 2013


This spring I managed to talk TOH into getting a pool table. It helped that he had just spent an afternoon reminiscing with an old high school friend dredging up memories of playing pool in said friend's basement :D

This bad boy came with the ping pong top and a wall rack.  Yes, I said rack.

My youth was spent playing pool at my grandmother's house and my own house after my parents divorced - my dad had a bitching bachelor pad made perfect by the addition of two bratty kids.

Because I learned to play pool by mirroring the person across the table from me I ended up playing left handed. This was actually a good thing because, it turns out, I am left eye dominant. No wonder I couldn't shoot a BB gun for shit, doh.

Last night we hosted the monthly couples euchre game. After euchre we had a few games of pool. Clearly some people have not had the delinquent upraising I had but we still had a lot of fun.

The boys have taken to playing pool but the oldest is much more willing to take me on than the younger (who is much too fond of shooting people with fake guns on his computer - MOTHER OF THE YEAR!).

The goal is to have the boys earn their college spending money hustling pool. Good thing we have a couple more years to work on that. MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!