Saturday, June 30, 2007


So we continue our tour of the Wild Wild West with a day in Cody, Wyoming and the next day into South Dakota.

We attended the Cody Rodeo which is a nightly event in the summer time. We were just a couple days too early for the National Bull Riders Association event but it was still very nice watching the less than professional cowboys strut their stuff.

After the required pimping of all the local businesses and restaurants, God, and Country the rodeo began.

There were several unsuccessful attemps at bronc riding followed by calf roping, barrel racing and finally bull riding.

It was fun for all ages!

The drive from Cody to the U Cross Ranch was very scenic. We actually rode by a real cattle drive in process!

The rugged mountains and canyons along the way reminded me of Northern New Mexico, one of my favorite places in the whole world.

We stopped at the Shell Falls on the way. Yawn, more stunning scenery... will it ever end?

These lichens were almost as interesting as the waterfalls.

Lunch was served at a lodge high up in the mountains. Most of their visitors are snow mobilers who come to enjoy the ridiculous amount of snow the area gets in the winter time. The wildflowers were carpeting the high meadows. I'm sure they won't be there much longer - our timing was perfect.

We ended up at U Cross, a small vacation ranch with horses, a pool, tennis courts, a pond and all the modern amenities - many of which were tried out by the clan.

South Dakota

We made our way into South Dakota today. The first stop was the Crazy Horse Monument.

The size and scope of this project are overwhelming. I seriously doubt it will be finished even in my children's lifetimes.

Next we hit Mt. Rushmore!

Woot! On my home tomorrow! Back to my house on Monday!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacations are...


Man, we have been kept busy busy busy on this trip.

I'm in the hotel trying to clear out my email and google reader while one of the kids is crashed. The other kid is at the pool but he better take a nap too or he won't last through the rodeo tonight.

This tour we are on has a photo contest. Tell which of my vacation pics you like the best.

My personal faves are here. The rest them can be found here and here and here and maybe more here. With the rodeo tonight, UCross Ranch tomorrow, and Crazy Horse Monument and Mt Rushmore the next day I am no where near done with the picture taking.

... and many more.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Few Photos

Here's a few pics I'm proud of.

You can check out the rest of my craptastic portfolio here.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

We arrive at the the crack of dark.
The sun was setting on the Tetons! Stunning!

Arch made of antlers.
There were 4, one on each corner of Jackson Square

Columbine! Who knew it grew outside of Colorado?!?

Blue Columbine.

Pretty mossy stone.


Decent shot.
The light is not cooperating today.


Pine branch against a concrete wall.

Decent shot but crappy light, again.

That's all for now!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet Another Delay

I'm headed off to the Wild Wild West my backpack loaded with all of the necessities.

Laugh at will.

Packing Delay

Yeah, I'm a master procrastinator.

Jamyhawk got me thinking about those damn KK and QQ hands again.

I whipped out ye olde Poker Tracker to see just how bad it was.

Yep, it was fugly.

Not sure how I managed to get close to even after all of that nastiness.


I get the privilege of packing today.

Packing, first, for my two sons who will insist that 3 pairs of underwear and 14 gray tshirts is all they will need for 10 days of travel.

Packing for myself which must be proceeded by unpacking from Vegaspalooza.

I sense there will also be last minute laundry in order to amass the requisite clothing since washing clothes along the way will probably not be an option.

This evening I will be at the bowling alley spending quality time with my son and balls. I haven't bowled in almost two weeks. Yes, I am having withdrawals.

Any time I have after returning home from bowling may be spent trying to clear my last $10 of FTP bonus. After eeking out a near break even night last night - including the $15 of bonus - I'm not sure I'm up for any more of that nonsense.

I'm still debating about taking my laptop with me on this trip. Mostly because I'm sure there will be little if any internet access. However, I can always draft blog posts for later postage. I will also be taking a ton of pictures. I would like to get the pictures on the puter asap.

The bitch of traveling with a laptop is airport security. Not only do I have to take off my watch, belt, and shoes... I have to remove laptop from backpack and it's neoprene case as well as get out my camera. It's a nightmare to be stuck behind me - I usually end up using 3 tubs: purse, shoes, etc; backpack with camera; laptop.

The laptop (17" screen) weighs a ton. I will have to lug this bad boy around the airports because I refuse to pack it in my luggage. Once we get there and start the bus portion of the trip I can pack it in my luggage but until then I get to play sherpa.

Rinse and repeat for return voyage.

Not sure it will be worth it.

Long story, well, longer. I won't be around for the next 10ish days or so. Never fear, I'm sure I'll be back with more to bore you with. Have I let you down, yet?

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Apparently I need to learn how to fold KK, preferably preflop.

Might as well fold QQ and JJ, too, while I'm at it.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


And then this LOL! The table popped up as I was doing something else and I managed to click "call" to call his raise and the flopped showed up and I was trying to figure out how I got here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When I am bored and can't find a juicy game I will fire up one of the many SNG freerolls that Full Tilt offers.

These are mostly .NET or .COM PAD or ME freerolls.

I've figured out from playing many of these that most players go all in the first decent hand the get hoping to double up or even better quintuple up. It's craziness.

Check out this screenshot from the first hand of the last one of these I played.

Vegaspalooza Pics

I think I finally managed to organize the pictures into something resembling what actually happened and when it happened. Sorta.

Check them out here.

Check out Khanwoman's pic here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dems Quads

I'm quietly 3 tabling trying to clear my bonus when this and comes up:

Full Tilt Poker Game #2705433991: Table Torino - $0.50/$1 - Limit Hold'em - 22:36:48 ET - 2007/06/18
Seat 1: Maxjet23 ($21.30)
Seat 2: JETS52 ($40.70)
Seat 3: gadzooks64 ($61.90)
Seat 4: Davis_D_drop ($42.60)
Seat 5: michaelwhittle3 ($56.30)
Seat 6: CC_Daville ($35.35)
Seat 7: slicknick03 ($25)
Seat 8: urban myth 420 ($7.15)
Seat 9: bedizzle ($9.90)
CC_Daville posts the small blind of $0.25
slicknick03 has 5 seconds left to act
slicknick03 is sitting out
slicknick03 has timed out
urban myth 420 posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #5
slicknick03 has returned
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to gadzooks64 [Th Tc]
bedizzle folds
Maxjet23 raises to $1
JETS52 folds
gadzooks64 calls $1
Davis_D_drop calls $1
michaelwhittle3 raises to $1.50
CC_Daville folds
urban myth 420 folds
Maxjet23 calls $0.50
gadzooks64 calls $0.50
Davis_D_drop calls $0.50
*** FLOP *** [Td 6h Ts]
Maxjet23 checks
gadzooks64 has 15 seconds left to act
gadzooks64 checks
Davis_D_drop bets $0.50
michaelwhittle3 calls $0.50
Maxjet23 calls $0.50
gadzooks64 calls $0.50
*** TURN *** [Td 6h Ts] [9h]
Maxjet23 bets $1
gadzooks64 calls $1
Davis_D_drop raises to $2
michaelwhittle3 has 15 seconds left to act
michaelwhittle3 folds
Maxjet23 calls $1
gadzooks64 raises to $3
Davis_D_drop raises to $4
Maxjet23 calls $2
gadzooks64 calls $1
*** RIVER *** [Td 6h Ts 9h] [3d]
Maxjet23 checks
gadzooks64 bets $1
Davis_D_drop raises to $2
Maxjet23 calls $2
gadzooks64 raises to $3
Davis_D_drop calls $1
Maxjet23 calls $1
*** SHOW DOWN ***
gadzooks64 shows [Th Tc] four of a kind, Tens
Davis_D_drop mucks
Maxjet23 mucks
gadzooks64 wins the pot ($29.25) with four of a kind, Tens
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $29.75 | Rake $0.50
Board: [Td 6h Ts 9h 3d]
Seat 1: Maxjet23 mucked [7s 8s] - a straight, Ten high
Seat 2: JETS52 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: gadzooks64 showed [Th Tc] and won ($29.25) with four of a kind, Tens
Seat 4: Davis_D_drop mucked [9s 9d] - a full house, Nines full of Tens
Seat 5: michaelwhittle3 (button) folded on the Turn
Seat 6: CC_Daville (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 7: slicknick03 is sitting out
Seat 8: urban myth 420 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: bedizzle didn't bet (folded)

I bought in for $20 and left with $83.75 AND I cleared a bonus while I was at it.

Now that's suhwheat!

Full Tilt Bonus

How suhwheat is that? Not very since, as a dedicated reader, you already know that I'm leaving on Saturday for vacation.

Does that stop me for signing up? Heck no!

I cleared $5 last night. With all the baseball and bowling going on it will be rough clearing all of it but I will give it my best!

Getting Sick

Getting sick sucks.

Getting sick on vacation REALLY SUCKS.

I got to Las Vegas on Thursday, but Friday night I sounded like an ancient hooker with a 5 pack a day habit - and, contrary to popular belief, that's not my usual voice.

I visited the local prompt care the morning after my return only to be told that I did not have strep. All of you degenerates that I hacked on during the rest of my stay in Vegas should be very thankful as I have the unique talent of sucking in and nurturing every stray strand of strep virus within a brazillian angstroms of my nasal passages.

The news of a negative strep result was actually bittersweet. I didn't have strep and would have to just ride this summer cold out instead of getting some suhwheat antibiotics that would surely leave me feeling better in mere days. As it stands I'm approaching the 10 day mark with only modest improvement.

The real kicker is that we are leaving on our family vacation this coming Saturday. Ten fun filled days with my in-laws and my husband's younger brother's family.

I had better not be hacking up a lung for this whole trip.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Planet Ho Tournament

Zerb and I are seated at the same table. There's a woman I recall from the Binion's Ladies event.

The first hand I play is AJ in late position, I raise and the Lady calls from BB, she checks and I take it down with continuation bet on a Q high board.

I pick up 9Ts in late position in a limped pot, flop flush draw, turn a gutshot, river flush. I bet every street and the one player with me the whole way insta-folds on the river.

I look down at A5s in SB and complete, flop top two, bet out get raised, tell him I'll bet him all in and he folds.

Get AA twice and get pushed on both times and thankfully they held up. First time was a couple hands after Snuffy had it; he raised up to 18k so I min raise to 16k and get pushed on by QQ. That really helped me out as I was starting to get short. One guy had his AA outrun by 66 and wasn't very happy about it.

Final table, I'm one of the chipleaders and I push with A6 into the short stacks from early position get called by A5 flop is 23x turn 5 river 6. Ship it.

When we get down to 6 Snuffy suggests that 4th-6th pool and split evenly and 1st-3rd do the same as those players were pretty close in chipcount. The 4th place guy wanted nothing to do with it. Next hand he lost a boatload of chips to another SS player but he managed to get them back and finished 4th when I put him all in with A7 and he called - A on flop and he's done.

We got down to three: Handsome Swiss Guy (120k), Snuff (110k) and ME (80k)! The HSG proposes a deal where we hold out $600 to pay 2nd $200 more than 3rd and 1st $200 more than 2nd. Sounded like a great deal to me - 3rd place actually benefited the most from that arrangement.

First hand 3 ways HSG raises from the button and Snuffy folds. I debate it for a long time and decide to push with A7. He calls and shows AK, doh! NH, GG, IGHN with $487 tyvm. After the fact Snuffy tells me he folded A5 and he normally would have never done that.

Who knew a Slut could cash in tournament at Planet Ho?!?!

Flamingo Tournament

As was par for the course for me in Vegas, I showed up right on time for the 7:00 pm $60 buy-in tournament at the Flamingo. Turns out that wasn't early enough to get immediate seating.

DranDead and I were put on the alternate list.

Unfortunately for the other 5 Effers and Ante Uppers, they all DREW THE SAME DAMN TABLE. How bad would that suck?

I made it on a table right after the first level. Folded the first few hands and then picked up KK in middle position. I raise to 4x and get 2 callers. Flop JTx. I bet 900 into a 1200 and get raised to 2000 which would put me all in. I call and he shows....... drum roll please, KTh. He put me all in with MIDDLE FARKING PAIR AND A RUNNER RUNNER FLUSH DRAW. I doubled up early which is always nice.

I get some strong hands and raise but get no action after having shown the KK hand.

Pretty soon we are down to 2 tables and I'm not getting much. I honestly don't recall playing another hand until the final table.

A maniac came to our table that had run amok at the Effer's table. He'd been pushing all in and sucking out in rare fashion. He started to pull the same crap at my table but he was caught with his pants down a few times. He managed to spew to JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY ON MY TABLE BUT ME! Damnit. He donked off big to this one pretty good and aggressive woman who rode that chip lead to the final table.

I wasn't in too bad of shape when we hit the final table but I got screwed twice when the blinds double on my big blind. Aggro Bitch raised my BB when I had 92o and I had to fold, sigh.

A very tight player was UTG and raised it up. I was on her left and looked at AJc. I wasn't sure was she had but it was getting to desperation time for me so I pushed. Oh shit, she had AKs. Flop was AJx. She was totally pissed. I apologized like a fool.

One guy, who later admitted he didn't think he would be the one to benefit from his offer, suggested we take money off the top few places and pay the Bubble Boy his entry back. Turns out he ended being Bubble Boy.

So here we are In The Money when I get hit with the newly doubled BB, Aggro Bitch raises me again and I have trash so I fold. I post the SB and I had maybe a couple hundred chips behind when I pick up K2d. I figure I can't be in all that bad of shape versus a random hand so I push with it and of course the damn BB wakes up with AQ. NH, GG, IGHN.

Zerbet chewed me out because the BB and the UTG were both short stacks. He thought I should have folded there and hoped that one of them would go out before me. I'm sure he has a point. When you don't have the chip counts on the "screen" in front on you it is sometimes hard to think ahead like that. I might have been able to go up one more spot or maybe even two had I done that.

$100 - $60 buy-in = $35!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Airport Anecdote

I'm putting away my laptop just minutes before they are ready to call my flight [free intertubes at the airport roxors] when I get into a conversation with a guy. He and his family were in for vacation and he was envying my laptop. He asked if I was a graphic designer or something and I replied, "No, I'm a degenerate and play online poker."

He laughed and said that he worked for a lot of the big name players as a financial adviser and was also a was a former Air Force pilot which explained his screenname.

He works for Doyle and Chip and a few others that I can't recall.

Leaving Las Vegas

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I'm ready to get back home to my regular routine of beating my kids and ignoring my husband but I will certainly missed the fast paced life that was Vegaspalooza.


Karma is paying me back for bitching about freezing my ass off in every poker room in town by letting me swelter on the tarmac for 50 mins while my plane waits to take off.

Not all Karma is good.

Mixed Games at IP

After the HORSE tournament came to a close we planned to meet for some Razz. We were originally going to to Binion's since they had been so nice to us on Saturday night but instead convinced the IP to spread it for us.

What started as Razz turned into Dealer's Choice. And I really mean DEALER'S choice. Tommy sat down and proceeded to boss us around and we loved it. Razz, O8, Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw, 5 Card Draw, Stud 8, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple Hi/Lo, you name it we played.

I'm sure we will never again play some of those games at a live cash table in a casino. Tommy was good to us. We had a great time with the dealers at IP even though they were short staffed and none too familiar with some of the games.

My favorite hand happened in Razz. I'm sure it will never be one of Columbo's OMM hands so I can tell you. Columbo had a 3 up and I had an A up. He completed and I called. He was dealt a 5 and I was dealt a 6 pairing one of my down cards. He checked to me which I found highly suspicious and I checked behind. I was convinced he paired that 5. I think he hit a good card on 5th as did I. It's been so long that I don't recall if either of us bet that street but we did end up going to 6th. Columbo caught a 9 and I caught 7 giving me two pair to what I was sure was one pair for him. I had the better board showing so I bet into him hoping he was worried about his 9 being beat by a made 7. He hemmed and hawed and starting counting outs on his fingers. I had to tell him that is wasn't looking good for his hand even though I knew I was sitting on two pair. Eventually he folded and I showed him my buried 6 and 7. He laughed and said that he, too, had two pair.

Pros bets killed me. I don't know how but I managed to get stuck with Red for all my flop props and came out behind both times. StB took my chips the first time and Mr2jt did the second time around - at least he didn't let me sleep my props which I tried to do many times.

At one point a bunch of Effers decided to pool $5 each to put on Red or Black at the Roullette table. We, oddly enough, opted for Black as a group (only one red vote among us). I'm sure it had NOTHING whatsoever to do with my losing prop streak on Red - NOTHING what so ever. Of course, you know where I'm going with this. Yep, it was Red. At least Mr. Red (not Zerbet) wasn't the least bit bitter.


I need to post about:
  1. Sunday night Dealer's Choice at the IP.

  2. Miscellaneous WSOP sightings

  3. Flamingo and Planet Hollywood tournaments.
But I'm not going to do that right now.

I need to pack, my throat is killing me, and there's Crispy Calamari waiting for me at the Caesar's Food Court.

Here's a recap as best as I can recall:

Thurs Casear's and IP $3.00
Friday Blogger HORSE ($97.00)
Saturday Binion's Ladies ($100.00)
Saturday Razz $17.00
Saturday Golden Nugget Slots $20.00
Sunday IP HORSE ($75.00)
Sunday Blogger Dealer's Choice $0.00
Sunday IP 2/4 ($120.00)
Monday O8 at Caesars ($17.00)
Tuesday Flamingo $60 tunry $35.00
Wednesday Pai Gow w/Snuffy $35.00
Wednesday Planet Hollywood $60
Red flops never happen ($12.00)


I did have some fun shopping but I count that as the cost of doing business.

More after I get home and see a doctor about this damn sore throat.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had to drag my ass out of bed Sunday morning and get ready for the HORSE event. I was running so late that I was walking up as it was supposed to start. Nothing like seeing everybody milling around waiting for me to get there so we could get this show on the road.

Swag used for additional prizes (Props to Zerbet and Mrs. Sly)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Falstaff, Mattazuma and Shaman Alex had showed up to play with us. I had pimped the event to Falstaff Friday night at the MGM. We also had a guy who walked up and wanted to play. Since we didn't have two full tables yet we said we'd be delighted to have him play with us. Unfortunately, Columbo was running late and didn't make it in time. Our guest had never played HORSE and didn't return after the first break. Had we thought about it in time we could have let Columbo play his stack - which he eventually did but only when it was down to one big bet in Stud. He did manage to win that hand and triple up but then lost to Khanwoman when she hit her miracle gutshot on 7th to take him out!

Khanwoman, Columbo, and Zooks

Everything went smoothly. The dealers were happy to deal to us even if they weren't terribly confident in their knowledge of pitching the non-holdem games. Props to the poker room manager Jake and his tournament director.

Mrs. Sly, who had shopping on her mind, busted out first and received a lovely parting gift.

I went out after the second break and had to run back to the room to take care of picturing uploading and blog posting so I missed much of the rest of the tournament.

A couple notable hands:

Falstaff and Zerbet went set over set when they flopped sets KK v 88. That was very painfull for Zerbet.

Falstaff also took out Snarf when he hit quad Jacks.

Falstaff had a nice stack for a while but busted out before the money.

Khanwoman snuck into 4th place for a decent little cash. Mattazuma went out 3rd. Shaman Alex (chipleader) and Sly Selea worked a chop.

If you haven't already be sure to check out all of our Vegas Pictures.

Sunday, June 10, 2007



I read about the Binion's "Poor Man's WSOP" Series at and though to myself, "What a great idea!" Who really wants to spend thousands of dollars playing a donkey deep crapshoot when you can spend hundreds of dollars playing a donkey deep crapshoot!

The Effers headed over to Binion's on Friday for Schoon and Sly to play in the $250 HORSE tournament. The rest of us donked it up at the cash games for a while. We also wandered around Freemont street taking in the sights and sounds and foot long daquiries with or without the strap-on.

The Golden Nugget has one of the best Players Card perks. They load your card with free $10 worth of slot machine credits. Zerbet found us a bank of $1 slots to play. He spun away his $10 in 5 pulls with nothing to show for it but the pleasure of jerking that long armed bandit's handle or not. I do have to admit that I'm a purist when it comes to slots - not that I ever play them but damnit if/when I do I WANT TO PULL THAT DAMN HANDLE. I managed to cashout for $20 and Mr2jt finally found a redemption machine to cash in his $2 voucher that he refused to redeem at the cashier because he was embarrased that it was only $2. Hey, free money is FREE MONEY.

We enjoyed some of the cash games while the HORSE was going on. Khanwoman had a hottie sitting next to her at one of her tables that she won't shut up about. Fred was very pretty on the eyes AND he a 300 ring and you know what that means to me! He's infinitly more hawt with the 300 ring that he would be without it. He was there with his "What's a blog?" friend who would not give us his while continuing to deny that he had a blog. Fred and his friend were invited to play the private HORSE tournament at IP and my goal will be to extract said friend's blog name and stalk him like the pokerslut blogger I am.

Virge and his hottie of the moment showed up for a while. He didn't have that maniacal glint in his eyes that I was sure he would. Pokerlusky and his fiancee' showed up as we were leaving from dinner. He opted for the goatee look. Since his fiancee' also prefers the goatee I'm sure I know WHY he opted for that look and it has nothing at all to do with the poll on the forum and everything to do with the "Goatees have gotten many a man laid." post that somebody wrote on the forum.

The crew returned on Saturday for the women to play in the Ladies event. I went out first after I was assigned the world's tightest table. We were one of the final two tables so we were never going to be moved. It was impossible to get any chips. I went out in the low 120s out of 250+ish.

DranDead built a nice chipstack while running over her table. Considering Khanwoman was on her left that's an impressive feat. Dran made it down to 83ish.

Khanwoman made it very deep. She kept being moved to the next breaking table which was very frustrating. After a double up and catching QQ to take out two more people she had quite a nice stack. She had a good sized stack when talk of a deal came up. Somebody had the brilliant of a 20 way chop for just over 1K! WTF!?!?! It was their contention that everybody this tournament really wanted nothing more than a buyin to the WSOP Ladies event. NAWT. Khanwoman thought they were total idiots and refused the offer along with a few others. The offer was repeated made and refused. As we were walking out they were down to the final table.

After I busted those damn Effers talked the Binion's people into starting a table of 1/2 no ante Razz. The kicker was: the table would be filled with ONLY EFFERS! I was convinced that would be the lowest EV table ever. I ended up buying and HAD THE BEST TIME I HAVE EVER HAD AT THE POKER TABLE. Those dealers were awesome and damn fun. I think the Effers table will be a legend at Binion's right along with Texas Dolly and Amarillo Slim. We were told ever Razz table played at Binion's. We played for hours and had the best time ever! Only when those "walking dead" 3rd shift dealers came on did our table start to calm down.

There was an elderly gentleman that watched our table for a while and took am's seat when he decided to take a break. He must have thought he'd walked into a 3 ring circus and I'm sure he had a great time. He did get up at one time but I think overall he broke even. He was the only non-Effer to play.

Sly was in megadonktastic form. He rebought and then he took Mrs. Sly's rack and donated some of it. Dekker was loosy goosy - I'm thinking playing live with him will be the only way to get any of my money back from him. Mr2jt has a awesome run at the 4/8 O8 tables and decided to donk off a rack to us. I almost doubled up early but proceeded to give of it back. Lynx was Mr. Tighty McTight AND the table's BI Biatch but managed to nurse his short stack for hours. Zerbet walked away with 2 plus racks. Am was card dead and everytime he left the table for any reason it transferred to ELM who was on his left. ELM played her usualy awesome game but didn't have the chips to show for it.

Binion's is a great place to play. The Effers enjoyed it immensely.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Straddle me, baby!

Miami Don told me the bloggers would be hitting the MGM to play low stakes mixed games on Friday night. Weeeeeeeell, you know I'm up for that.

I get to the MGM at 10:00 and there was no HORSE table running. I asked about making an interest list and the room manager told me that it wouldn't make. I actually had to go back and make them start a list. I sat at a 3/6 limit table in the mean time and just kept an eye on the electronic board to see if anybody signed up.

Next thing I know [which in poker time is about 1.5 hours later] they are calling my name for the HORSE table and I hear Colombo and Falstaff's names called as well. I knew then that the bloggers had arrived. Woooooooot!

I couldn't play today's Blogger tournament because I will be playing the Binion's Ladies event at 4:00 so I figured I would donk around with them at a HORSE table. Not that anybody but maybe Columbo knows of me. That didn't seem to bother them much though - more dead money for them.

Falstaff bought in for $500 and made a nice tower of chips on the table. That should have been a clue that this wasn't going to be your momma's HORSE game. I didn't recognize the names of the few people that I asked but I found out who Columbo was and there's no way in hell anybody would NOT know Falstaff - that boy has big ... personality.

I pimped the FullTiltForum private HORSE tunry at the IP to them as well as the Pokerslut Tour. Maybe some will actually show up. I played a few pots and lost two with HUGE draws and one just cause I was gamboling. First thing you need to know is this: EVERY POT WAS STRADDLED! Yes, you heard me, straddled. Talk about having pot odds.

  1. It was folded around to me with KTh. Of course I 3 bet and get called by the straddle. Flop came Q high all diamonds. I bet out confident that it didn't hit him and he called. The turn was a 2. I check he checks. River was a Q. I looked at him and said you got there didn't you? LOL. I call his bet and he asks what do you have. "Shit, you?" He showed two black cards and a craptastic pair of 2s that took down the pot. Oh yeah, THAT was fun.

  2. I have Ah34h6 and limp in the straddled pot. Flop comes with two hearts and two non-counterfeiting low cards. One bet is called all around. The turn was a high card that helped no one. At this point I have the nut low draw and the nut flush draw. As some would say, "I have a brazillian outs." The river paired the 2. Sigh. A bet and a call to me. "I'm the only idiot in this hand without a fricking 2." I fold. I could have scooped that pot.

  3. Folded to me with ATh and here I go again, "I have to make it three." One caller. Flop KJhKh. Well what a fugly board but my opponent is villain from hand one so there's a better than good chance he didn't hit this flop. I bet he calls. The turn paired my T. I at least felt better about betting here. I figure he makes a move here if he's got a real hand but he just calls. I'm hoping for a heart but no o oo ooo. I think it was a 9. I bet, he asks if I'm full as he calls and I said, "EFF NO pair of tens," to his straight. I heard someone say something about a royal flush draw which I had neglected to realize; I have been totally content with just the nut flush.
Long story short, I played HORSE from 11:30 until 2:45 and was down half my buy-in which was considerably less than Falstaff's. It was totally worth it though. I thoroughly enjoyed the table chat and had a blast overall. I won a pot in LHE and a S8 hand but the rest of the time was spent folding really bad cards. I'm sure these guys thought I was uber weak-tight.

Early on the manager came over and asked us to give up some of our blue chips as the room was on the verge of running out and obviously we didn't need nearly as many as we had in play. He also ordered the dealers to not sell us blue chips. We had several very good dealers that changed every game change it seemed. He gave each one explicit instructions how to deal and when to change the game. I think it all went quite smoothly.

As hard as it may be to believe, we were actually given a language warning by the manager. Who knew we had such potty mouths? Well, besides my own.

I thought the table might break when Falstaff and another person left together but the seats filled rather quickly. There seemed to be a serious personality vacuum after Falstaff left and I think we all missed him for a moment - sorta like the call after a storm.

I really enjoyed talking to the two guys on my right. I was in the 10 seat so the dealer was between me and the guys on the other end.

The MGM was a really nice room. The screens with the wait lists were very nice and it didn't take long at all to get a seat. I was getting annoyed with the cocktail people. Not once, not twice, but 3 times I ordered water and had to re-order the next time one came back around. The restrooms near the poker room were very small and incredibly busy. Even though we sat two players out during the stud hands, there was still not enough time to get a bathroom break in sometimes.

All in all and great way to spend some time at the poker table. Today will be spent at the Rio trying to satellite into the WSOP Ladies event that runs tomorrow and then playing the Binion's Ladies event this afternoon. Wish the Pokersluts luck!

Our room at the IP overlooks the pool. Khanwoman noticed that someone had marked out this notice on the sliding glass door:

I think I now know why they did that. Last night, as I was napping in preparation for the night's festivities, I heard what can only be described as the sound track to a porno movie coming from the balcony or maybe the pool. I thought to myself, "YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! SOMEBODY IS *BLEEPING* OUT ON THE BALCONY?" It was a marathon session to boot.


Warning: Ludicrously long post ahead. I will try to not bore you to tears but no guarantees.

Las Vegas by its very nature is overwhelming to the senses. Everything, and I mean everything is over the top. The architecture, the atmosphere, the hookers, the partiers, the food…

My trip was uneventful. I arrived at my hotel, upgraded my room, dropped my stuff off and headed to Ceasar’s to meet up with Chicago Mike, aka Schoon, aka THE MAN WHO LIMPED UNDER THE WITH AA WHEN I HAD KK IN THE BB AND FOUND MYSELF PRICED INTO A CALL OF HIS ALL IN – but I digress.

Imagine Laurel and Hardy wandering around the 3 fountains near Ceasar’s guest arrival area with cells phones trying to find one another.

Schoon: Where are you?

Zooks: I’m right out front looking at the fountain.

Schoon: Me, too.

Zooks: I don’t see you.

Schoon: You are right out front of registration, right.

Zooks: Yeah. I see this huge fountain with horses and naked people.

It continues in this vein for 2-3 calls and gets downright silly but we did manage to find one another without having to resort to GPS.

A quick stop inside Caesar’s to get my player’s card – I wanted to avoid any possible lines at the Rio after all that I have read on the intertubes.

We arrive at the Rio and walk the equivalent to the Trail of Tears to arrive in the WSOP area. We casually glanced at the merchandise and then we walked through the doors in the Amazon room.

Nanoseconds later I asked Schoon, “HOMYGAWD, is that Mark Vos?!?!?”

*I apologize for the craptastic photos and yet more photos. The lighting in the Amazon room is subdued and only non-flash photography is allowed.

Schoon replied, “Yeah, and there’s Barry Greenstein right over there!” Barry, of course, had two copies of his book under his chair.

We were like the worst red carpet stargazers ever. As we wondered around we saw in no particular order: Chris Ferguson, David “Devilfish” Ulliot, Shawn Sheikan - who was waiting to be called as an alternate for the 6 handed event, Gavin Griffin, Robert Williamson III registering for an event, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Helmuth and Scott Fischman playing day two of an event. All of these people and surely a few more than I can’t recall at this moment in were in the main room.

We did see one hand that BG played. BG raised gets one caller. Flop Qxx. Barry check raises the guy and the guy pushes, BG folds, pusher shows his AA.

We then went to visit the kiddie room or what is being referred to as “the fashion day tent’ housing the overflow tables. We had to ask where it was as Schoon had registered for his event and was assigned to table 83 which was no where to be found among the sea of tables in the Amazon room; we suspected that it was located in the tent. Sure enough it was. Luckily the weather was delightful and it was pleasant in the tent. However, the weather is going to get hotter the next few days.

We did see some notable players out in the tent: Andy Bloch, Cliff Josephy aka JohnnyBax, Paul Wolfe, Layne Flack, and last - perhaps least – the woman at the WPT Ladies event that chanted to herself “It’s my destiny” at the final table during the show. She must have gone out shortly after I saw her because she wasn’t there on our way out.

The reason I noticed Layne Flack was not because he was Layne Flack – as a matter of fact it was Schoon who made the identification - but because he had on this suhwheat pink Full Tilt hat that I covet. Yes, I realize that I could order one from the store but as I told Schoon, “I WANT THE ONE THAT WAS ON HIS HEAD, DAMNIT!” A girl can dream can’t she?

I asked just about anyone that looked official about the poker peek cards but so far no success. Pretty much nobody knew anything about what was going to happen with them. We visited the merchandise stores, where we did find the basic version of the poker peek cards – nty – and all manner of clothing and hats. They have some nice sweatshirt & t-shirt and t-shirt & hat combos that will I will have a tough time choosing between but rest assured I will come home with something.

Around 2:00pm they started the ESPN final table of the $1000 rebuy event. The only players we had heard of were Shane Shleger (he was short stacked), Amir Vahedi (he was the chip leader at the start) and Michael Grazc (2nd in chips). We hung around up there watching that for a while and saw even more notables: Annie Duke getting her picture taken at the non-stadium final table, Jeff Madsen (my main horse in the CCN Fantasy Pool!) strolling around with a birthday balloon tied to his shorts that were barely hanging on to his hips while he huggled his girlfriend – some Real World white trash bimbo named Trishelle(?), Kristy Gazes sat to watch and cheer for Grazc, Todd Arnold (NSXT2),

Zerb finally made it to the hotel and met up with Mr. & Mrs. Sly who had agreed to meet up with Schoon and I at the Rio. After some shuttle bus confusion they decided to take a taxi to the Rio. It was no surprise that I was starving since I had nothing but a breakfast bar and a Starbuck’s Frappuccino and it was now 4:00 local time.

I gave them no choice, we had to eat at the American Grill. The first time I ate there was in February 2005 – we stayed at the Rio for my brother’s wedding – I was shocked to see the $12 steak salad on the menu – WHERE WAS ALL THE CHEAP FOOD I KEPT HEARING ABOUT? - I ordered it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to get a WHOLE NY STRIP STEAK with my salad. Now it had become a bargain. The steak was cooked to perfection. We have already scheduled another lunch there so others can enjoy this amazing meal.

So about now you are probably asking yourself, “DID THESE PEOPLE PLAY ANY POKER, DOH?”


We agreed to go to the Caesar’s Poker Room. Khanwoman and I made it there about 8:00. I sat at a 3/6 limit table while Khanwoman snagged some dinner. It does without saying that live poker is so different from online poker but this time I was more prepared. I finally had some live play experience and I wasn’t nervous. I bought in for 200 since all I had was $100 bills and I really wanted to buyin for more than 18 BB but it seemed like overkill when most people bought in for $100 or even $40 or $60.

My table started off shorthanded but filled pretty quickly. A few hands in I picked up JJ and raised it up. I got two callers one of which was this young guy. Flop was all unders with two clubs. He check called. Turn a blank, again he check called. River was a club and I was pretty sure he had me when he led out but I wanted to see his hand for future reference. Sure enough he had Q3c. Sigh.

A few hands later I get JJ again and raise it up. Flop QJT, oh joy. I bet, raise, I call. Turn a blank check, bet, call. River check check. I show the set of Js and he folds.

By far the weirdest live hand I have ever played was from the BB. Limped pot. Ragged flop. Turn gives me an OESD so I bet it and get one caller. River pairs the board and I check and this guy MUCKS THE POT TO ME. Can you believe it!?!? I couldn’t either. I guess he just didn’t want to show his cards.

We left Caesar’s for the IP poker room since we were getting tired and wanted to be closer to our room. We had an entertaining dealer but he kept pitching me the crappiest cards. I finally gave him a hard time when he dealt me 23d UTG. He looked at my cards and bet me that they would be the winning hand. I threw two chips at him and said double or nothing. Flop comes out JT3 all black. We see a black turn card and the hand is over. He gives me a hard time and I said, “There’s no way bottom pair was good there.” So he tosses me his $1 chip.

The next UTG hand he dealt me was 24c. Again I give him a hard time – he was very friendly and we were just yanking each other’s chains. We made the same bet again. This time the flop comes K35 rainbow. We don’t see a turn but he rabbits after telling me I had outs and he said I would have gotten there but returns me bet since we didn’t see the turn.

After losing most of my winnings from Caesar’s at IP it was bed time. Any day that I come out on top is a good day in my book. Now I have two days worth of buyins that I can play with.

Day 2

Khanwoman and I both woke up early, about 6:15 local time. We decided to go ahead and get up, eat, and then try to take a nap before meeting everybody at noon to head over to Binion’s. Several people we going to play the $250 HORSE event there.

After enjoying a nice relaxed meal with Amish and ELM from Atlanta it’s time for a nap. While closing the drape to the sliding door Khan noticed this sign. He he he. Only in Vegas.

Apparently somebody didn't have that same sign on their sliding door because Lynx and I both here what sounded like the making of a porno movie going on either on a balcony or in the pool area at around 9:00pm tonight.