Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Androidify Me!

It seems like ages ago that I did the Oona Kickstarter. I haven't actually received my Oona yet but the updates from them indicate that they are actually shipping them now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Today another interesting Kickstarter project showed up in my GReader.

Yep, I'm totally going to buy some of these. Everybody in my family now sports and Android phone, we have two Rooted and Androided (why, yes, that is a word ;P) Nooks, and an ASUS Transformer tablet.

I'm pretty sure we've all played with the Androidify Me app.  If you haven't you totally need to download that app and play around.  It is on par with that Southpark character creation site that we all are guilty of using, repeatedly, over and over and over again. *raises hand* *hangs head*

I only wish they had a support level that fit more into what I wanted to get but I'm sure they'll be delighted to have whatever we give.  Let's hope this one doesn't take more than six months to deliver!

So head on over to Kickstarter and make a donation already.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Browser Battle


Back in the dark ages, it took me a while to switch to Firefox but once I did I loved it.  LOVED IT!

All those addons.  The tabbed browsing.  So much goodness.

Then came Chrome.  I tried to like Chrome.  I’m an admitted Google fanboi but I still couldn’t do without some of the features of Firefox I had grown to love.

The pivotal feature became Delicious Bookmarks.  I loved having the exact same bookmarks on every machine. Delicious allowed me that luxury.  I know what you are thinking, “But Firefox and Chrome both offer syncing.” Yes, they do NOW but they didn’t then.  None of the Delicious addons for Chrome worked the same way that they in Firefox.

As soon as Chrome offered bookmark syncing I switched.  It was painful – so many things I had relied on in Firefox just weren’t there in Chrome but I learned to live without or found another source for those features.

It wasn’t long after that that Yahoo announced they were selling Delicious and were no longer supporting it.  That was a huge let down for a lot of my friends that used it daily.  By then I was already using Chrome Bookmarks so it didn’t really impact me.

Yesterday Google released the updated GReader.  It sure is purdy.  But.  But, it doesn’t do anything for the horrible lag I get in Chrome when I go through my Greader.  I follow many feeds and read a large number of items daily.  I use the expanded format which, granted, uses more resources, BUT (yes, BIG BUT) even my totally pimped out laptop struggles with the rate at which I go through the items in my reader so I’m inclined to believe that it isn’t a hardware issue at all.

For many reasons I keep Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on all my machines.  I did figure out a pretty easy way to get my bookmarks from Chrome into Firefox (I don’t even bother to do that with Internet Explorer because my usage is limited to extreme cases) so that made the hassle of switching from one to the other a little easier.

With all the latest improvements to Firefox I just had to give it another try.  I notice NONE of the lag going through my GReader that I get when I do it in Chrome.  None.  That’s a big plus.  Huge. Ginormous.

I think I will be using Firefox for a while – at least a week – and see if I still want to go back to Chrome.  All my previous attempts to go back to Firefox have been short lived.  Funny how you get used to something and don’t want to change. Damn old people Winking smile.

It looks like Firefox’s concentration on speed and memory management have finally paid off for them.  I just wonder if all those people switching to Chrome should have waited for the latest version of Firefox before doing so.  I gotta tell ya, Firefox 7.0.1 is speedy.