Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Friday Poker

So, it's Good Friday. What's that mean to most of the world? Surely not Poker. But, to my dear friends, that's exactly what it meant. Thank you, Toby! I was able to sneak away to a live game just before heading out of town for spring break vacation with the family. It doesn't get much better than that!

I know Gordo is waiting for me to run over a couple of hands - mostly because he knows that one will involve him! Patience my dear man, patience! First a hand I played badly with Ritter.

Like many avid poker players I have read several "must read" poker books including Mike Caro's Book of Tells. How bad is it that I saw a specific tell that was mentioned in his books AND CHOSE TO IGNORE IT? I guess I do have something in common with Daniel Negreanu after all. D'oh.

Ritter limped in and I raised it up behind him with AJo. It gets folded back around to him and he calls. The flop comes out J7d5d. Not only do I see him look at the flop and immediately look away (CARO'S BOOK SPEAKS OF EXACTLY THIS TELL) I knew what it meant - he hit this flop hard. I should have just laid down my TPTK and saved my chips but, no oo o o o o, I call his Donk bet (betting into the preflop raiser) and the turn and river bets only to have him show me his flopped set of 5s. Nice hand. I mucked knowing full well I should have just let it go on that flop based solely on my read of his tell.

Now, Gordo, here's your hand - another I misplayed!

I limp in with QJc and get raised by Gordo. I call and we see a Q high flop with two clubs. I check intending to check-shove but he checked behind. The turn came a blank and I decided to fire at the pot since Gordo didn't seem to interested in betting and I was confident I was ahead. Gordo smooth called floated only to see a K - the perfect river card for his AK. I check called and even said, "You rivered me didn't you?" Of course he replied, "Well, yeah, I didn't think you had anything and were just trying to bet me off the hand." Not that I wouldn't do that, but why is it that nobody believes I have anything when I'm betting? Marshall (Mr. "I'm calling all the way to the river with my AJ only to spike and A on you") did the very same thing to me at Gordo's home game!

I did get some of my chips back from Ritter when I saw a free flop from the BB with QTo. The flop came out AKJ. I love me some floppied nuts. Ritter checked as did I and Gordo bet out. Ritter called and I continued to slow play my nuts by just calling. The turn was a blank but now Ritter bet out and I decided this was the perfect time to raise and hopefully build a pot, maybe even get heads up. Gordo went away and Ritter started mumbling something about me having two pair as he called. The river K paired the board and took away any chance I had at value betting my straight even though it was definitely better than Ritter's AT.

I think I may have figured out how to deal with Marshall. He mini raised my BB from the button. I looked down at 66 and flat called his raise. The flop came out 9 high rainbow. He bet and I raised him. He called. The turn was another small card and I shoved it all in. He started mumbling about feeling run over and that he should just call and suck out like he did the last time. I was delighted when he folded but I didn't show. I'm getting much better at knowing when I'm ahead in a hand but sometimes I still can't seem to get people to give up the chase and they run me down. That's horribly frustrating to me.

I went Card Effing Dead and ended up getting blinded out in the bitter end. I did make the final table, though, and had a great time. I'm so glad that I've managed to wheedle my way into this fun crowd of poker players and hope they keep inviting my dead money me back!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

It's Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

And I won't be back until a week from Monday.

Enjoy your time without my constant litany of bad beats and bowling stories (you'll miss me Macanthony go ahead and admit it).


Thursday, March 20, 2008

What would you do?

Full Tilt Poker Game #5703680031: $10 + $1 Sit & Go (43415499), Table 1 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:13:12 ET - 2008/03/19
Seat 1: djblaine (950)
Seat 2: colinstanbridge (2,380)
Seat 3: gadzooks64 (1,805)
Seat 4: duganthemonster (1,260)
Seat 6: tenaca (2,010)
Seat 7: spudbar (3,745)
Seat 8: 33bjones (1,350)
gadzooks64 posts the small blind of 60
duganthemonster posts the big blind of 120
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to gadzooks64 [Jc Qc]
tenaca folds
spudbar folds
33bjones calls 120
djblaine folds
colinstanbridge calls 120
gadzooks64 calls 60
duganthemonster checks
*** FLOP *** [Td 9c Qs]
gadzooks64 bets 480
duganthemonster raises to 1,140, and is all in
33bjones raises to 1,230, and is all in
colinstanbridge calls 1,230
gadzooks64 folds
33bjones shows [Jd 8d]
colinstanbridge shows [Js Kc]
duganthemonster shows [Qd 9h]
*** TURN *** [Td 9c Qs] [Qh]
*** RIVER *** [Td 9c Qs Qh] [Ts]
33bjones shows a straight, Queen high
colinstanbridge shows a straight, King high
colinstanbridge wins the side pot (180) with a straight, King high
duganthemonster shows a full house, Queens full of Tens
duganthemonster wins the main pot (4,380) with a full house, Queens full of Tens
33bjones stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4,560 Main pot 4,380. Side pot 180. | Rake 0
Board: [Td 9c Qs Qh Ts]
Seat 1: djblaine didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: colinstanbridge (button) showed [Js Kc] and won (180) with a straight, King high
Seat 3: gadzooks64 (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 4: duganthemonster (big blind) showed [Qd 9h] and won (4,380) with a full house, Queens full of Tens
Seat 6: tenaca didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: spudbar didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: 33bjones showed [Jd 8d] and lost with a straight, Queen high

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My Google Reader huffs n puffs every morning when I fire it up because I subscribe to a Brazillian blogs, shopping sites, pron, etc. Not everything I subscribe to is a diamond but these two definitely stand out from the rest: The Goat Speaks and Poker Grump.

The Goat's Stupid/System is already widely quoted and may very well become legendary. The Table Profiles are also a gem. (Note: there's some other stuff included in these links because I'm lazy. Live with it.)

Rakewell, the writer of Poker Grump, reminds me of Scott Adams looks wise. There's not really any humor in his posts, per se, but he writes well and entertains me with his stories of playing live at casinos all over Las Vegas.

So if you have a minute or 100 go check out these guys. I guarantee it won't be a waste of time.

There's more where that came from and I'm sure I'll have more Pimpage posts in the future. I'm also writing for The Corporation Poker blog so check that out as well.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Patience ...

I think it might have returned... for a while anyway.

My Shamrock Personality

What Your Shamrock Says About You

You are balanced, nurturing, and sympathetic. You understand people and love to help them.

At times, you get too involved with what's going on in other people's lives. It's hard to remove yourself.

You consider yourself a lucky person. Luck always seems to be on your side.

You are stylish, in a classic sort of way. You are particular about how you like things.



Have you seen it?

Please send it back if you do.

All the poker I've played lately has, in a word, sucked.

It started Friday night at Gordo's home game. I had a guy call me all the way to the river with nothing but AJc on a board of 2826A. He pushed on the river and I even said out loud, "You didn't call me all the way down with nothing but an A did you?!?!?!" Yes, he did and I paid him off like an idiot. Not much later I shoved my 44 into his 99. IGHN.

I spend much of Saturday playing online and getting nowhere.

I even donked off a buyin at 50NL to a friend that reraised me preflop. Sigh.

So please, when you see my patience, tell it that I need it back ASAP!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Verizon Voice Mail

Ok, who hasn't gotten the most hilarious drunk dial voice mail that they wanted to share with, well, the whole world? If you know me and T then you know that we are the recipients of many a drunk dial.

We somehow managed once or twice to forward a voice mail but it wasn't recent and I don't recall how it was done. The need arose again to forward a voice mail (legit reason, not drunk dial) so I hit up google and, voila', here it is for me to share with one and all (or the 3 readers I have).

While Listening to a Message, Press:

1 - Rewind
1-1 Rewind to beginning of message
2 - Pause
3 - Fast Forward
3-3 Fast Forward to end of message
4 - Slower
5 - Envelope Info (date/time message was sent)
6 - Faster
7 - Delete Message
9 - Save Message
* - Cancel/Exit
0 - Help
# - Finish/Skip

After Listening to a Message, Press:

6 - Forward**
7 - Delete
8 - Reply**
9 - Save
0 - Help

**Forward/Reply only works with other Verizon Wireless Voice Mail subscribers in your own area.
They seem to have a pretty wide definition of "your own area" since T and I managed to do it and we don't even live in adjoining states.

So next time you get a priceless voice mail that must be share be sure to thank me!

Or better yet, forward it to me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poker Hand Replayers

I hate spam comments as much as the next person. I really do.

However, I spotted this one and had to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Good hand. But it’s easier to understand visually:

The hand can be embedded right in your posts.

I headed over there and registered (free is a price that always appeals to me). I loaded a hand in and I was pleased with the results. It looks like it only replays Holdem hands so far. I don't know if they have plans to add other games but for now Holdem is all they have.

PokerXFactor also has a nice hand replayer. My only problem with their player is that it immediately starts playing the hand as soon as the page is loaded up. I find that hugely annoying. Check out Annette_15's latest tournament posting over at PXF. In the mean time enjoy this PLO hand I played the other day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Buffy & Spike

I was wondering around YouTube today for a brief moment while testing out the new settings on Full Tilt Forum when I found these gems. Who knew somebody would take the time and effort to mix these up!!??!?!?!

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm. Pardon me while I go Spike myself.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Yes, I'm still pissy about my missing bowling ball. I snapped at somebody that asked me about it this morning and was barely civil to the many other people that showed their concern. I really need to develop a thicker skin about things like this.

Oddly, I've bowled well since that damn ball disappeared.

I threw a 600+ on Monday night.

This morning I did even better.

Trey, in true Trey fashion, strolled in hung over. This seems to be a disturbing trend but who can argue with these results:

Brian is our leadoff, then me, followed by Trey at anchor. Trey has come so close to bowling an 800 but so far hasn't been able to make it. After the start he had today he was on track but the second game left him with very little wiggle room: he'd have to bowl a 295 or better in the 3rd game to hit 800. Maybe next time.

We actually lost that middle game but took all the rest of the points. This team is firmly in second place even without Jimmy the star bowler. He had a class conflict and wasn't able to bowl the second half of the season with us.

I keep telling people I'm not buying another new ball (still bitter) I just need to learn to throw the ones I have. It would appear that going back to my old balls hasn't hurt my game at all. I haven't thrown this well (using the NV) in quite a long time.

Dare I say it? Maybe losing that ball was a good thing.

I'm still not buying another ball, though. (Yep, still bitter.)


I think of myself as a tight aggressive player. Not overly aggressive by any stretch but certainly selectively aggressive.

Gordo from my home game recently made a comment on The Corporation blog that got me thinking.

I think you are the most aggresive player at your home game from what I have seen.

-- Gordo
My first thought was, "What! Me!?!? The most aggressive!?!??!!?"

Then I realized, well, yeah I am aggressive WHEN I play a hand. I just don't play that many hands for the most part.

Since I don't think of myself as being overly aggressive I had to wonder if it was just in comparison to my home game players that I am perceived to be aggressive or would he have made that comment based on my play at Tucker's or any other game.

Granted, there do seem to be a lot of players at my home game that like to limp into pots. For the most part you won't see me doing this. This last time, however, I limped into several pots during the first few rounds.

I can't help but wonder if this aggressive label isn't a product of how tight I play. I am easily one of the tightest players in my game. I'm sure the other players pay more attention to how I play WHEN I play so maybe it sticks out more to them because of that.

I guess it comes down to this: should I worry that I'm perceived to be an aggressive player? I guess I would hope that I'm not considered indiscriminately or recklessly aggressive. But should I be worried that I'm getting labeled as aggressive by the people I play with on a regular basis? Is this a bad thing? Good thing? Neither?

Obviously in the online poker world AGGRESSIVE is the catch phrase of the moment. If you aren't aggressive then you are obviously NOT PLAYING POKER the way it should be played.

I've worked hard to develop a tight/aggressive playing style. I'm not sure at this point that I could play any other way - and believe me, I've tried. I would love to be able to limp into pots all night long and amass chips. That just doesn't seem to be the way it works out for me.

Oddly, I don't think of myself as a big pot player but it seems that I sometimes find myself in that position in the later stages of a tournament where I'm forced to play all in or fold. By the time I get there though my image is so tight that I can't get anybody to play with me. Some of the hands I will push with won't stand up to a multi-way limped pot. I've seen a lot of people limp with big hands - something I can't bring myself to do - and get nailed by unusual holdings.

I can't help but wonder if this is something I need to do something about?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


OMG I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.

Those of you looking for a Home Game post can find it over at The Corporation. The site was the brainchild of Snuffy. He used to post under his own blogspot site but has switched over to The Corporation. Several of us will be posting about different aspects of poker and our experiences playing poker.

This doesn't mean I won't be posting any poker content here. Of course I will! Heck, if you check out my tags you'll see that a vast majority of my posts are about poker - not bowling! (Yes, that's for you, Macanthony, you whiny butt.)

Now, for some bowling news! :P

Two weeks ago, as usual, I threw my Total NV. Another player on my team also has a Total NV. He shares his with another bowler on our team. When I packed up my balls and put them in the locker I inadvertently picked up his ball instead of mine. An honest mistake since they are the same ball.

So about now you should be wondering if he picked up my ball. Well, no. As a matter of fact, he didn't. And neither did the guy who was "borrowing" the ball from him. But I'm pretty sure both of them saw my ball sitting there. I don't know why neither thought that maybe, just maybe, I had picked up the wrong ball and that they should put my ball away for me.

My ball sat there. I guess it was still sitting there after the next league was done and a porter was going to take it back to the counter but was told to leave it there by some unknown person. This information came to me after the fact.

I wasn't able to bowl the following week but a couple of my teammates said they scoured the racks for my ball but didn't find it. I tried again myself this week also with no luck.

My Total NV is now somebody else's Total NV.

I'm really disappointed with this loss. Not for the ball itself so much. But the fact that my teammates would just leave my ball there after I had clearly put all my equipment away. Also, the fact that somebody else would take an expensive ball that obviously somebody was missing is disheartening.

Yes, I realize that the people that frequent bowling alleys aren't necessarily the "cream of society" but neither do I automatically classify them as criminals*. I sure hope that whoever has my ball enjoys his find. I also hope his fingers rot off and he never bowls again.

* A bowler from my Thursday morning league was recently jailed for drug trafficking. :O!