Sunday, May 13, 2012


My BFF T lives in Dayton, OH. I’ve been there a couple of times to visit but she has visited me more than I have visited her.

It was time to rectify that situation.

So what does one do when they are in Dayton? No worries, my friend T has that under control.

2012-05-06 21.04.49

The first night we went to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser – drinks, appetizers and dinner at El Meson! Margaritas, mmm mmmm mmmmmm. They had a mole’ making talk and a Tequila tasting before dinner.

cabo wabo

The food was top notch and so was the tequila – Cabo Wabo!
Reposado is my favorite just in case you are thinking about buying me a bottle Winking smile

The next day we had a lunch reservation at Olive but we had some errands to run before lunch. Errands included a stop at the liquor store to pick up the ingredients for Manhattans. Our plan was to channel our inner Mad Men and start drinking at lunch. Woohoooo! Makers Mark, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters and cherries.  I was surprised when the hipster waiter at Olive knew we were having Manhattans just by looking at our glasses since he was all of 12a years old *eye roll*.

a +/- 20 years, pry + Winking smile

The next stop was Beaute Box for pedicures. But not just any pedicure, T had hooked us up with Minx pedicures! Instead of using nail polish, Minx is a shrink wrap film that really lasts. The choices were amazing. You can’t tell from the picture but the design on the smaller toes looks like a circuit board – how cool is that????


Another buddy from the poker days, predator006, was nearby and agreed to meet us for dinner and drinks. We were already a few Manhattans into our day when we stopped by for a water break to pass some time until the dinner venue, Sidebar, was done with a private party.

Since the Manhattans were treating us well we decided to stick with those for our pre-dinner cocktail. The Sidebar-tender actually mixes everything from scratch right on the bar in front of you. Needless to say, his concoction was far superior to what T and I have been mixing.

The plan for the third day was to recover from the Manhattans then head for Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN – a little over an hour away. T was abused at the table by her own brother and predator006 while I didn’t fare much better that she did. Our stomachs told us it was time to find another place to fortify ourselves for the trip home. Predator suggest Whiskey’s for ribs. We have some experience with his food predilections and were somewhat concerned about his choice but we were pleasantly surprised – the food was awesome! I highly recommend the stuffed mushroom appetizer. The ribs were so tender they fell right off the bone but by the time they arrived I was stuffed from the lettuce wedge and appetizers.

It was a total shame that I had to head out early the next morning to get back to my real life. If T keeps showing me such a good time I may show up for a visit and never leave.

td;dr version: I ate and drank myself silly, had my toes done, played a little poker and didn’t want to go back home.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Text From Dog

My friend (not Zerb) hooked me up with this Tumblr blog that is a riot!

You should definitely check it out if you have some time to waste.