Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm sitting on my front porch with my panting puppy wondering where the hell is fall?

It is 86 fripfrapping degrees outside right now and I have a closet full of new mommy jeans damnit!

I'm ready for fall.  Bring it on.  Now.  Please.

I think I have finally got the swim team finances under control.  Well, at least until the first meet entries are ready to be processed.  They are probably sitting in my folder at the pool as I type.  Oh joy.  I also volunteered to order the team shirts.  As soon as I get this order in I'll be handing out 120 lime green tshirts. 

The PokerSlut Tour has started up after the first hiatus in the 3+ years it has been running.  I think some people forgot about us but with some (not so) gentle reminders we should be back on track soon.  I am also trying to host a bi-weekly cash game.  I had to miss a week for the first night of swimming but the 2nd installment is scheduled for tonight.  If you find yourself in the neighbor feel free to stop by and donk off a few of your hard earned pesos my direction.

Even though I resigned my position as the HOA President last December I haven't found a replacement sucker volunteer so I have been stuck doing some of the unavoidable duties, ie., hold the annual meeting this past Sunday.  We had a small turnout but it seems like we have some renewed interest in running the association.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

TOH (The Other Half) is in Germany.  He went on a whirlwind 12 day journey to Germany and Austria for work complete with scenic half day train ride through the Alps.  No matter how much he tries he can't convince me that business trips are a pain in the ass.  I used to LOVE to go on business trips when I was gainfully employed and had an expense account.  Poor guy has been plied with beer and food at every stop.  Yeah, I feel real sorry for him.

The boys and I have been roughing it all alone.  We have become enthralled with the latest (2005-present) BBC production of Doctor Who.  The other night we were up to 1am finishing off season three.  Torchwood is also on the must watch list.  I'm not sure when we are going to squeeze that in with all the swimming and other activities we have lined up.

The oldest has been playing the cello for over three years.  He was invited to audition for the local Youth Concert Orchestra and Youth Symphony.  That is coming up this Thursday and I can tell he's apprehensive.  I'm sure he will do fine - if his last minute homework crunching skills are any example he performs well under pressure.  *hangs head and shakes it in frustration*  I once hoped he would get a horrible grade on a project he threw together the morning it was due because he'd been denying he had any homework.  The little snot got an A. 

Now that I have soothed my guilty conscience for not posting on here I will sign off and try to convince the panting puppy that we should be in the comfortably air conditioned house.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday, September 06, 2010

It's Baaaaaaaaack!

Just a few more days! 

Mark your calendars. 

Sunday, September 12th. 

Be there.

Don't make me hurt you.

Cause I would, ya know.  Yeah.  I would.