Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Sunday

Freeroll Sunday post is up on Corporation Poker.

Please, go see what a donk I am.

I live to entertain you that way.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Google Reader

I've posted about Google Reader before but clearly not everybody out there knows what it is or how to use it.

Given my new job as Chief Mouse Potato I'm going to enlighten you.

All those blogs you read everyday, those shopping sites you hit, the news outlets you read... most of those places have an RSS feed that tells your Reader where to look for new content.  Any place that has one of those little orange icons has a feed to which you can subscribe.

Check out the little orange square in the url box.

How many places to you go to everyday only to find that they haven't posted anything new? Frustrating isn't it?  Google Reader will put an end to that.  All the new content from the places you go will be updated for you and all in one place.

You can use your current email address to sign up for a Google Account that will give you access to Google Reader , iGoogle, Google Calendar, Google Documents, Picasa ... a whole world of kewl free stuff.

Here's what my Google Reader looks like.  Click to enlarge.

I have organized my feeds into groups called Tags.  Those are on the left hand side.  You can view all the feeds at once or you can view by Tags.  You can also email an article to anybody you want and they'll see it just as you see with links and photos intact.

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to go back and see all the articles from any feed since you subscribed.  You can also search through for keywords, etc.  It makes finding something you know you've read but don't remember where or when much much easier.

I use FireFox because it's the best thing since free porn on the internet but you can also do this using that other POS browser but don't ask me how cause it would probably take me days to figure it out.  Google it if you are so inclined.

So go ahead, click that little orange box at a site you want to follow and see what happens.  You should see this:

You can add the feed to your iGoogle or to your Reader.  I prefer to use my Reader and save my iGoogle as my home page.  You can add a Reader Gadget to your iGoogle that will show you the Reader items and even let you read them from your home page but that's a whole 'nother post.

Check out Melted Felt.

Then hit that little orange icon in the url bar.  Subscribe.  Read.  Enjoy.

Same Job New Title

Who knew?

Ok, all of you knew BUT why didn't you tell me?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is Good

The kids are swimming. T and I and catching up. She's been so damn busy the last couple months I hardly know her anymore.

I'm so proud of her. She's been through hell and she's finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Catching up is fun.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jeff Madsen

Just another reason for me to love Jeff Madsen and Wicked Chops Poker.

New Chips & Cards

If you have learned anything at all about me by now, you should know that I'm a sucker for poker chips and cards.


Huge sucker.

My fellow effer Huck starting asking me about cards the other day and we sent links back and forth to each other about different ones.  He picked out what he wanted and I got to jonesing for some of these:

This video really did me in.

Sure enough a couple days later DTM, another effer, wants some new cards and I tell him to get these.  Hell, I tell him I want some too and I'll split the shipping with him.  Then I get a wild hair to ask my favorite poker supply store, Flaming Frog Poker, if they received in any of the 5k and 10k chips for my set since I had be told the last time I asked about it that they were expecting a shipment any day now but they never showed up on the website.
Guess what I got yesterday?  Woooooooooooot!

Man are those chips PINK!  I can't wait to see what the home gamers say about those bad boys, er, girls.  I love these chips.  They are 14g with a really nice sticker.  For about $150 you can get a HUGE set of them shipped to you.  Love these chips.

The cards are very nice.  I think they'll take a little getting used to since I'm so fond of the Jumbo Index 4 Pip version.  These don't quite have the same feel as the Cristallos.  Not quite as papery and a little slicker but still very nice.  I still think the Modianos are the best card for the money.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Squibbles posted on FTF the following challenge:

I got a gift card ($100) sent to me from my company as a thank you and I want to spend this on something unique and fun. So, here is what I do not want to spend it on (I already have a budget for these items, sorta):

No to:
*A full tank of gas
*Online/Offline Poker Bankroll addition
*Online porn

Because of my limitations for the use of this card, and I really don't want to throw the $100 towards something else, I am trying to find something fun, tangible and creative to spend this $100 on and I have stumped myself.

Any suggestion?

Hmmmm.  How about buy school supplies for Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Zooks97 & Zooks99.

Yeah, that's not what I had in mind either.

I usually shop at Walmart because it's close and cheap. 

I'm all about the cheap. 

Today the kids and I needed to get out of the house for a while.  We headed to lunch at a spot near Target so I decided we would do our school shopping there. 

I'm pretty sure that I didn't spend $100 on school supplies last year.  Granted $30 dollars of this year's total was spent on two calculators that I know weren't on the list last year.  Still, I'm pretty sure it was closer to $50 last year.

It's a good thing that I love this stuff.  Love. It.  I used to live to go school supply shopping.  My oldest is the same way.  He's already opened everything up and is in the process of writing his name all over anything and everything. 

The youngest is not a big fan of school supplies.  His are still in the pile I made while he's on the computer playing Maplestory.

Only 34 more days until school starts.  Color me giddy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ford GT

Once upon a time I was a car enthusiast.  For a long time, actually.

I even worked for one of the American manufacturer's after I graduated with my engineering degree.

I used to be able to name the make and model of a car by the tail lights. 

I was that good.

Not so much anymore. 

Every now and then something comes along that grabs my attention.  Like this bad boy:

This definitely made me take another look.  What a fine looking car.  Maybe I've become jaded by too many crappy, stale designs.  This is definitely not crappy or stale says the woman who drives a mini-van.  At least I don't drive one of those hideous new boxy Chrysler P.O.Ses.  Just saying.

So I had to drive around to the other side of the little beauty just to get the full effect.

A guy strolled by doing a look-see of his own as I was taking the second picture.  He was saying something to his girlfriend,  who probably couldn't care less, "Must be custom."  Yeah, custom.  The plate indicated that it was owned by one of the local Ford dealerships.  No surprise there.  I'm sure they are used to getting all these heads turning everywhere they go.

Well done Ford.  Well done.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog Pimpage

From "The Vegas Year" blog:

Most times I have no plan. I don't go into the casino thinking "I'm going to raise 40% of the hands" or "I'm going to fold all night." My style of play is dictated by what I see at the table and I react accordingly. That's what it says in my pamphlet. I'm happy to play lots of hands, I'm happy to fold. It's all based on what's going on in the moment.

Going to the Rio for an evening session, I fully expected to see chaos. It's what goes on in that room. I was prepared to play tighter than normal. At 2/5 it costs 7 dollars to see 10 hands. Thinking of it this way helps me chill out and play tighter. There's no need to force action to happen.

I came up with an experiment. Sit back and play real tight and fold for 3 orbits. It will only cost 21 dollars for 30 hands. At some point I'll pick up a hand and raise it up. In the meantime I'll fold all those crappy jack,2 hands and move on.

So what happens in real life? The very first hand I see gets raised to $35.  3 people call in front of me. I look down in the blinds at 8,9 suited. Welcome to 2.5 at the Rio.

I call because I have implied odds and by implied odds I mean a blog. The best part about calling is I immediately exceed my $21 budget before I've even seen a flop. Who knew I was this cool? People* trying to put a $21 dollar cap on me and I'm calling $35 dollar bets with 8,9 suited.

* People = Me.

 Subscribe now.  Thank me later.

Bike Ride

One of the things left to do this summer was to joyride the trail with the boys. I know, I live to torture them!

We didn't make it all the way down to town but it was a nice long, relaxed ride. The youngest has only one gear so we had no choice but to saunter down the trail.

The whining started before we were halfway there. D'oh.

At least it didn't get to migraine inducing levels until we were mere yards from home.

At least I get to mark that off the Summer To Do list just before 'Don't kill the boys'.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Free Lunch

I was too young to appreciate how cool it was at the time.  We were poor enough for me to qualify for free lunch most of my childhood.  Mmmmm, Fish Sticks.  Yeah, that's right!  I got to eat all that quality food that those upper crusters shunned.

I really shouldn't be so snide about it.  It was a great thing for me.  I tried foods I might not normally get to eat.  I'm sure it broadened my horizons along with my thighs.

By the time I got to high school free lunch was a thing of the past but I still bought hot lunch because there was pretty much nothing to eat in my house that wasn't microwave chicken.  As soon as dad forced a car on me though, I was all about going off campus for lunch.  I was working to pay for the car so I had the disposable lunch income.  It wasn't unusual to find us at Taco Time, McDonald's, etc., EVERY day for lunch.  'Cause we were kewl like that. 

Once out of high school I moved in with my mother in another state.  I eventually found a job while waiting to get into college so eating out wasn't really on the menu.  Not to mention that I hit that period in my life where lunch is really breakfast if you catch my drift.  So lunch was usually a bowl of cereal before I headed off to work.  After work we'd hit the local Vip's Big Boy for coffee while we hung out trying to figure out how to get into trouble without going to a bar as we weren't yet 21 and didn't have fake IDs.

It wasn't too long before I had a real job while going to school part time in the evenings.  Occasionally us working stiffs would splurge on a lunch at a local restaurant.  There were plenty of decent cheap ones close by since we were across the street from the university.  Even so, we didn't go out much.  Most of us brought lunch or a frozen entree of some kind.  For a while there, I would walk to the nearby Walgreen's for a yogurt and a piece of fruit.  That was great for the thighs.

After I finally graduated to a much more lucrative job I found myself working for a places that did not encourage you to indulge in off-site lunches.  WTF?  I soon found myself working in a foreign country with an on-site cafeteria - which was free - mostly because it was a benefit for the nationals and because you only got 30 minutes to eat lunch.  Wait, I thought I was a professional?  You must be kidding me with the 30 minutes for lunch, right?  Wrong.  I must admit to the occasional off-site lunch with a few comrades and/or suppliers.

The next job was an hour away and out in the middle of nowhere.  Yet another on-site cafeteria but this time it wasn't free.  Most everybody brought their own lunch because, once again, you were only allotted 30 minutes for lunch.  Off-site lunches NEVER happened.  Boy was I glad to leave that job!

Lunch on my next job was anything but a catered affair.  I usually ended up eating leftover PB&J or whatever I was feeding my kids that day.  Until they were old enough to hang with he big kids at the McDonald's indoor playland my boys stayed at home.  BUT, when that day came I was delighted to eat my salad while they ran amok.  Rinse and repeat for about 5 years.

Pretty soon I could convince my kids that there were other places that served food that was, gasp, better than McDonald's.  Blasphemy, I know.  Pretty soon my stay-at-home mom friends and I were invading BWW and Lone Star on the "Kids eat free" day.  Talk about an entirely different kind of FREE LUNCH!

Unlike when I was a child, my boys don't qualify for free lunch.  Every month they bring home a lunch menu and we carefully go over it and determine who is going to eat hot lunch or cold lunch each day of the month.  Talk about spoiled!  My boys are in school all day most every day for several years now so no more free lunches out for them!

It's back to just me for lunch.  You might think I'd be loaded up with lunch dates with the other "ladies of leisure" that I hang with.  Nawt.  I usually just scrounge around the house or pick up something on my way home from running errands.  Sometimes I still long for the free lunch days.  Life was easier then.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kitty Litter Cake

Doesn't that look appetizing? No really!?!? I think it turned out OK. Visually it's as appealing as it supposed to be but taste wise it left a lot to be desired. I was tempted to replace the pudding with cheesecake filling because I thought that would make it taste better and now I wish I had gone with my gut.

I'll probably make it again but I will definitely use the cheesecake filling instead of vanilla pudding. Because Kitty Litter Cake should taste as good as it looks. Don't you think?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Spider Solitaire

Yes, what a colossal waste of time. We all have our favorite time wasters: Freecell, WOW, Google reader, online poker...

I'll whip out the Spider Solitaire every now and then. It's pretty rare when I lose. Although, I don't play the expert level cause that would totally ruin my win rate stats. The medium level is just enough of a challenge for me TYVM. The fireworks at the end make it all worthwhile.

It's like your own little 4th of July fireworks show whenever you want one.

Ante Up!

I've been a loyal listener of the Ante Up! podcast for quite some time now.  I don't recall if I've ever mentioned the actual podcast in any of my posts but I do know I've referred my readers to the Card Clubs Network where the Ante Up! Forum is located.

Scott Long and Chris Consenza, the two hosts of Ante Up!, have decided to quit their day jobs.  They have started Ante Up! Poker Magazine for Florida poker rooms.  The Ante Up! podcast has also moved to their new site.

The podcast has been broadcast for 3 years now and I've listened to every one of them.  As with anything some are better than others but all are worth a listen.  So head on over and subscribe to the podcast. 

You'll enjoy it.  I promise.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

It's turning out to be a beautiful day here in the Midwest. We're headed over to the neighbor's house for a cookout and fireworks (and possibly a dip in their pool) later this evening.

I spend most of the morning running around town trying to find cole slaw - a necessary ingredient for my fantastically good Crunchy Oriental Cole Slaw. It really is that good.

Crunchy Oriental Cole Slaw

1 lb bag slaw w/carrot shavings
2 pkgs beef ramen noodles - crush noodles
1C chopped walnuts
1C sunflower seeds - roasted
sliced green onions to taste (I used one whole bunch)

2 beef flavoring packets from ramen noodles
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup white wine vinegar (I used plain white vinegar)
1/2 cup sugar

Pour sauce onto slaw/noodles when ready to serve.

My father sent me a recipe for Kitty Litter Cake that sounded too good to resist. This is my first effort at making it. I'm sure pictures will be posted later if it turns out as good as I suspect it will. Any recipe that calls for you to shape Tootsie Rolls into realistic kitty litteresque shapes is bound to be photoworthy. Just sayin.