Friday, September 02, 2011

Sugar Rush

I am at the beginning of what will surely be an epic sugar rush today.

It all started when I received a text from a neighbor asking if I wanted to go to Tanners Orchard with her this morning.  Well, DUH! Of course I do. I needed some more apples, pies, caramel corn nuggets, and donuts like I need another hole in my head.

While I was putting away the frozen pie (birthday treat for Zooks97 who turns *gasp* 14 next Friday) I spotted the cookie dough I meant to bake Wednesday night.  Those perky little high school cheerleaders are totally complicit in my sugar coma.  I wish they would stop selling those premade cookie dough nuggets.  At least when I’m done eating all these triple chocolate chunk cookies I won’t have to see them staring at me from the fridge anymore – nope, they’ll be bouncing right behind me everywhere I walk.

If you are ever in central Illinois stop by Tanners Orchard. You won’t be disappointed.