Friday, August 22, 2008

Mac Chattage

It's been some time since Mac has embarrassed himself in chat.

Time to remedy that.

Mac: the pokersluts site is the sucks
Zooks: suhwheat
Mac: for some reason, the results graphic shows up at random intervals on my computer
Zooks: lol
Mac: I can click refresh and will get random results involving the current seasons total and the overall total
Mac: including one of either one, both or none
Zooks: yeah you have to view using IE tab in FF
Mac: the overall totals image seems to show with a greater frequency
Zooks: cause it's a Window live bs thing
Mac: how about I don't, cause that's both lame and ghey
Mac: at the same thime
Mac: thyme
Zooks: don't look at me
Mac: consecutively - not concurrently
Mac: I've complained, now I expect to see results
Zooks: glwt
Zooks: hands are tied
Zooks: free website from MS weenies
Zooks: they make the rules
Zooks: nothing I can do about it
Mac: don't use MS
Mac: how about that?
Mac: it's still broken
Mac: I want RESULTS!!!

I respond a while later

Zooks: uh, do more pushups?

I do love me some Mac chattage, don't you?


t said...

that site makes me crazy too - always has.


MacAnthony said...

I'm still waiting...

Gadzooks64 said...

Do a Brazilian sit-ups and get back to me.

MacAnthony said...

If a brazilian situp is anything like a brazilian wax, then no thanks...