Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home Game Extravaganza!

Yes, that's right! Khanwoman was here and we had a record turnout for the Home Game.

The best thing that could have happened came before the game started. A neighbor called to see if Zooks97 could spend the night. I couldn't get "YES, FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD, YES!" out of my mouth fast enough. Four kids (two numero uno children) in my basement running amok during the Home Game isn't really an ideal situation. But, with one of the oldests gone it was actually quite pleasant.

We had 17 runners last night many of which came from the T-boys' (Tim, Tucker, Toby & Honorary T-boy Jeff) home game. The last player to show arrived after making the trek all the way from the house next door! D'oh. I even called to make sure he was on his way. The cards were in the air in record time for my home game. Woooooooooot!

Miss T got busy raising UTG a couple times when this happened:

All in on turn and waaaaaaay behind.
T manages to suck out a 3 on the river versus Jeff's 55
All together now, "Ewwwwww!"

Scoot stopped by from Table 2 to complain about how tight it was over there. They had 8 players to our 9 and they weren't in the mood to gambol it up before the rebuy was over. We had 7 rebuys for the night and the first two players to go out came from Table 1 (Zook's & Khan's table). Two players come over from the tighty mctight table only to be eaten alive by the sharks with chips at Table 1.

Miss T manages to go out fugly to Neighbor Gary on a stone cold bluff. D'oh! I could have told her that Gary was unbluffable!

Before the final table I chipped up with QQ. Neighbor Gary raised and I just smooth called with my QQ as did Jeff U. from the BB. Flop Qc8s9c. Not exactly the best flop for my bitches but I'm hoping to get some chips here. Jeff U. puts a bet out there, Gary folds and I go all in. Jeff hems and haws and says he puts me on AA or KK but stills decides to call. Luckily he was drawing very thin and my bitches held up!

When the tables combined there were several really short stacks that went out rather quickly. The final 4 were: Mandi, Mary (Brown Johnson Smith Jones Gordon), Zooks and Gary. Woooooooooooot! We're in the money! We're in the money!

Mary lost a big pot to Mandi and ended up going all in in the small blind to my big blind. I was forced to call in the dark for only a couple more chips. My T3 sucked out a rivered T versus her much bigger starting hand. GG Mary.

I managed to score Mandi's chips when I called a flop bet with middle pair and turned two pair but there was now three diamonds to a flush on the board. Mandi bet into me and I shoved. She took a while to call and the first words out of my mouth were, "Do you have a flush?" She turned over Ah3d for nothing but a 3 high flush draw that didn't get there. GG Mandi.

Now it's Neighbor Gary and I heads up for rolls, er, chips. There were 60k chips in play and I had him out chipped. Gary was either getting really bad cards or folding too much. I figured if I turned it up a notch I could get all his chips. Well, not so much. I ended up shoving with Q7 hoping to steal but got called and doubled him up. D'oh. After that donkalicious move we're about even in chips.

However, that move set him up for this move. I look down at AKh. Gary completes the BB and I move all in. He calls with little hesitation with his K7. A K hits the board and I take all but his last few chips. He has only 1 more chip than the SB so he's all in and I call without even looking at my cards. He doubles up to 2200. Again I call the extra 2 chips without looking at my cards as he's all in again. With the powerhouse cards we were both dealt it really was a crying shame that I sucked out a win. GG Gary.

Yeah, that's right! My 24o ran over Gary's 26o!
For The Win, Bitches!

Yawn. Zooks wins another home game.

Gordo and his lovely bride, Mary (Brown Johnson Smith Jones Gordon), were kind enough to invite KW Bitches and I to their home game kicking off at 3:00 pm today. We're planning on being there so watch out!


tsheets said...

[quote]Yawn. Zooks wins another home game.[/quote]

WTF???!!!! suck!! LOL

Zerbet said...

Who's the hawt skinny bitch in the black shirt?

gordo said...

Thanks for hosting. It's been awhile since I was such a non-factor in a game. I guess it's a good thing I brought my ringer along.

OhCaptain said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. We'll have to get you in our home game sometime. See if you can unseat my domination of the game ;-)

(Interestingly, I've never won my home game, but am the all time money winner, a long sad story of nasty suck-puts...not only like the one you just told)

Anonymous said...

Who's the hawt skinny bitch in the black shirt?

HUH, what are you talking about?

t said...

ya know, if youre gonna leave nasty comments...

dont be such a pussy about it BLAZ!!


Erik said...

too lazy to create an account

Erik said...

OBV I was kidding. I am happy for you that you are able to shed all of those pounds. Great job...