Monday, December 21, 2015

Open Live Writer


Before I stopped writing here I had been using Live Writer to compose my blog posts.

I read recently that Microsoft had released Live Writer to the open source community but it wasn’t something I was interested in bothering with since I wasn’t posting anymore.

Today the subjec popped up again in my RSS feed so I decided to give it a whirl.

Don’t get your hopes you, I’m probably not going to publish with any regularity, or even at all.

Live marches on.

So… how have you been?


Arthur Mishoe said...


I just hated seeing the "No Response" tag. Life is not so much. I left $400 on the $1-2 NL table last night at Harrah's -- twice had flopped sets cracked on the river to a flush and straight. See nothing changed, still getting "bad beat" stories. I hope the family is good.


Zooks64 said...

I should charge you a dollar for listening to your bad beat story!!! Hahahahah!

All is well here. Life goes on ... and on, and on.

Happy New year to you and ELM! T and I keeping telling each other we should go visit you guys.

How far is Harrah's from you???

Arthur Mishoe said...

Not too far...just a little over one hour - about 70 minutes. I was there on New Year's, and there were probably 25 tables going in the poker room.

Life is good here also -- we were in St. Pete's over Christmas for our nephew's wedding, but otherwise just hanging out in Asheville.

Looks like you are/were in NOLA for New Year's? Let me know if and when you and T want to come visit.