Friday, February 01, 2013

Coffee or Tea for Me?

I gave up coffee a while back.

I just heard a collective gasp from most of you.

It is no where near as bad as you might think. I was drinking mainly decaf anyway (yeah I just saw you roll your eyes, biatch). For many reasons I decided I would be better off without coffee.

I have always been a fan of tea, hot or iced. Switching to iced tea was easy during the summer time. I opted for the full caff version of tea because decaf just doesn’t taste as good. I was a little wound up to start with but I quickly adapted.

Now the one good thing about tea is that there’s a Brazillian different kinds. A quick search of the web leads you to all kinds of enticing flavors.

It was the search for free wifi that led me to Leaves n Beans. The oldest has orchestra rehearsal every week about a half hour from my house. In the middle of nowhere. Hence the search for free wifi.

Turns out Leaves n Beans is only minutes from the rehearsal location. Of course I was planning on buying something in exchange for the free wifi so I perused their dedicated Leaves n Beans room where I found Khan’s Delight.

I have a friend who used to go by Khan (she now prefers T) so how could I pass that up???

Caffeine-free, exhilarating herbs sparkle with tangy notes of hibiscus, lemon grass, mint, and other tasty herbs.

Doesn’t that look amazing???

2013-02-01 07.24.29

Trust me, it tastes even better than it looks!

After a few visits to Panera I’ve figured out that I like Earl Grey, too. It’s nice to have options.

So don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t miss coffee very often and I still, on the rare day, indulge in a cup of regular joe but my everyday go to beverage will be tea. Glorious, delightful, delicious tea.


OhCaptain said...

Mmmm...tea! Love it. I never drank coffee, um, like ever. But tea...I may have a problem.

Zooks64 said...

The good news is that Starbucks has great tea and it is cheaper than buying any of their frou frou coffee drinks :)

Memphis MOJO said...

I used to drink tea, then (for some reason I don't remember) gave it up. Maybe I should rethink!

am said...

If by "tea" you mean Diet Dr Pepper, than yeah, I drink tea too.

Zooks64 said...

I gave up soda quite a while ago but my guilty treat is Diet Dr. Pepper. That stuff is the devil.